Monday, February 8, 2010

valentines day and puppy love

so got asked a question tonight. How do u know when ur feelings for someone are from God or is just u?

I said well be patient and if it is of the Lord, the guy will make the first move, he will show interest first. our job is to wait!

when I thought about that even more I was reminded how easy those words are to say but its sooo much harder to do it. why is that? its not in our nature to wait! we want what we want when we want it....and that's now!

even more so with Valentines day around the corner. but God showed me something really cool.
waiting is easier when I have someone to wait with( him) I have him while I'm waiting! so in that convo I got to encourage and be encouraged...IT WAS AWESOME


Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Year

Well, its been a little while since i last wrote on here, so i thought I'd start the year off right. Last year, if you would have told me that i would be where i am now, doing what i do, that i would be friends with the people i am....Im pretty sure i would have called u crazy and had you committed!!

God has done such a great work in my life this past year and i know 2010 is going to even better.

There's one thing i have been wanting to say and thats wow am i blessed. This past Christmas was one of the most amazing ever. I never thought most people liked me and if they seemed like they did i thought it was an act.and yet so many people came together and gave me something that i know could have only come from the Lord moving in there hearts. with that gift, my grandpa and I paid bills and food. it caught me by surprise and reminded me of how much im loved by so many people

which brings me to my friends...last year i had a few good friends. and this year i find myself with a few that i would have never thought id be friends with. people i consider family. they are a little strange, goofy, crazy, loving, encouraging, and they LOVE JESUS. im so thankful for them.

....Lately i have been reminded more and more that God is my satisfaction. even when i signed on here and read a friends blog post on being reminded me of the fact that Jesus is all i need. but this is not a post about how i dont need a boyfriend but rather how God has used my lack of one to bring me closer to him. to bring people in my life that love and care for me. to open up the door to be used in a ministry that blesses me all the time.

last year was a great year but im looking forward to 2010.....BRING IT ON