Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Beloved, let us love one another"

<3 LOVE <3
~*~1st John 4:7-8, we say this verse, we know, and love this verse. but how real is it in our life? i have noticed that in my own life, i love but it at times is a surface love. when i see brothers and sisters in the Lord, i ask "hey how are you?" they reply " im great" i end up walking away after say thing "thats good, me too." does that show my love? why dont i ask why? or maybe just really invest. God does not show us a surface kind of love but a deep and unfathomable love. i know i cant love like he can but i can try my best to truly love on people. to see where they are, if there in need, and i cant stop being fake! every time i say hi to someone but in my heart i cant careless how they r doing thats just being fake. and i need to do a heart check. we are love our neighbor as our self. if i were in need or hurting, i would want my "friends" to show they care, or the church to show they care and they truly love.

last night i heard about a movie that is showing what people think of Christians and what people thing about Jesus. the thing missing in there def of us as believers is love. the love we should have for each other but mostly fo r this world is not there. we look down on people without even noticing, we hate and dont see its wrong. we would rather argue then love. man did this convict me. we are suppose to hate the sin and love the sinner, why then is it the other way around? check out this video. it really made me think.

Josh said something that really God me thinking. the way to win San Fran for Jesus is not with protests and outreaches but with opening the church like its a hospital and love on people and meet their needs.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finding Strength in The only Place it Can Be Found

so last week was a real test for me i think. being sick and not wanting to do anything.
i think we all go thru moments where we are just plain lazy and almost feeling distant(your really not but because ur lazy the enemy tells you that u are) from him.. i felt that way up until witnessing Friday night. The Lord began to show me how much i base things on feelings and my joy. I think as a girl, its just bound to happen...that whole feelings thing :P. it was even cooler cuz my bro Ty posted something on his blog a few days before about serving( but getting over worked) and loving the Lord. I think i needed to be reminded that i serve because i love him! i may not have been feeling up to witnessing(sick, and still tryin to kill Satan's voice in my head) but i went not cuz i felt i had to but because i love my Father and i wasn't going to let anything keep me from showing my love for him and i want everyone to know Him like i do. so i went and i was blessed! i set out to bless my King but got blessed instead.

Sunday night around 1 or 2 im sitting on my steps and im talking with God and just hangin with Him. and it clicks. That his presence is not based on how im feeling that day or what mood im in, or even how far ive fallin that day cuz he is always there. Psalm 26:8- i love every place His glory dwells. I prayed for him to remind me of his presence and He did. <3

(side note)---My walk, has never been on solid ground until 7 months ago. i would pray and because of the sin and my heart nothing happened. and if it did it was never that fast!! this for me was HUGH, im talking Grand Canyon sized. To be more aware of his presence in the past few month, than i ever had over 6 years is pretty awesome for me. so i was pretty JAZZED!!

And tonight i was really lacking strength and it was my strength that i felt i needed. so again outside, "God bless this time in your word, God give me strength, let me keeping feeling your presence and trusting you" or something like that. any who, i open up my devo book and its Psalm 61:2-"From the end of the earth i call to you when my heart is faint. lead me to the rock that is higher than i"


I needed his all along. and again it clicked just like it Sunday, and 7 months ago. it was like i finally got it. and i share this not only for what God showed me personally but as a praise report

we serving a living God. one who answers prayer, who keeps his children safe, who works everything out, who will never give us more than we can handle, who give us an escape when we are tempted, who died and rose again! its a praise report because i can truly say that the living God, the Creator, my Abba, MOVING AND WORKING AT ALL TIMES! HE CHANGED MY LIFE and is constantly doing a work!