Friday, April 24, 2009

The Nazirite Vow

This Morning has just been a stinkin blessing. I was able to wake up early and spend time with the Lord. And i have found that wakin up early is so much better then sleeping in. When i wake up early, I have more time with God and i can fully enjoy our time and not rush cuz i have to be in class or somewhere in 30 mins or an hour. What a blessing it is to take my time and stinkin get real encouragement and conviction from the Lord. crazyness dude. Anyway really cool thing i read this morning that spoke to me heart and made me smile.

I read 1st Samuel and there is so much in the 1st chapter that just blew my mind but when Hannah makes her vow to the Lord that if the Lord would give her a son, that her son would be the Lords and the no razor would touch his head (1st Sam. 1:11). I didnt get the big deal at 1st so i read numbers 6. This vow to not cut his hair wasnt just not cutting his hair. It was the Nazirite vow, a vow of seperation to the Lord for a period of time. During this time tho they couldnt drink wine or pretty much have anything to do with anything that is associated with wine. They couldnt cut their hair because his head was consecrated

to consecrate means to be made sacred or devoted to a solemn purpose

Numbers 6:7 " ...Until the time is completed for which he separates himself to the Lord, he shall be holy, he shall let locks of his head grow long"

Because during this time they were holy, they could not be around any unclean thing or dead body. If my chance someone died next to them, they were no longer holy but has sinned and had to present a sin offering and cut their hair and start again after they had given their offering (numbers 6: 7-11)

When i read that i was freakin out. Hannah was saying God my son will be separated to you, he will be yours and he will be holy. he will be devoted to you. not for a few years but for his whole life.

It made me realize that i have been taken out of this world and brought to God. i am to be separate from the world and to the Lord, forever. I am to be holy (1st peter 1:16). And when i put myself around the things of this world that are unclean and are sin, i am no longer holy. But thank the Lord that i dont have to kill an animal cuz Christ's blood already covers my sin offering!!!!!! But i will need to start fresh again and forget before and just move on from there(Numbers 6:12)

How much of a reminder that was for me, to remind me that i am called to holy and set apart for the Lord, that i am his and he is mine. that my life is not my own!!! And that Christ's blood is what makes me clean and holy, without it, i would still be unclean and living apart from God. Its not my hair that makes me holy, or sets me apart to God, it was the Blood

Monday, April 20, 2009

Change that has been long in the makin

okay so i am so stoked right now that i just needed to tell someone!!!! for the pass few hours i have been reading John! and i hate reading but lately i have found myself just wanting to be in Gods word more and more. which is something that has never happen before. recently God brought me to my knees and made me see that just callin myself a Christian wont do me any good but that he desires so much more from me. so i surrendered and oh man has he been showing himself like crazy and one way i really noticed the change is in my quiet time and my time in his word. i dont wanna stop reading sometimes its amazing.

But its not just in reading like i find myself being convicted on things that would never have convicted me before and its just plain crazy cool!!! im just so excited to see what God has next. and even in the midst of hard times and interesting events i find myslef at peace!!!!! this is crazy

Gods Word Finding a Home

This morning has been such a stinkin blessing. i woke up way to early but got to hang with my grandpa before he went to take a bone scan and more tests. we had breakfast smoothies and just talked. such a cool way to start of a school day. but it just got better. here is something that blew my mind during my quiet time

John 8:11 " If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples"

the word abide means to remain,stay, dwell, reside, to have ones abode or home in. i also heard John Piper say that the word abide means to take root.

just the def alone got me really thinking. Can i say that im abiding in Gods word? do i remain in his word? is it taking root in my life and mind? Does his word find a home in me? And if it does then im truly his disciple. Jon Courson said that a disciple is not only one who follows Jesus but one who continues in, takes heed to, and makes high priority of. so when Gods word is abiding in me, im going to continue in his word, im going to take heed to, and im going to make it a priority. hold rusted metal batman that is so awesome!!!!!! and it gets better.

John 15:7 " If you abide in me and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you"

If we remain in the Lord and his word remains in us we can trust that we ask him for something he is faithful to answer and act.(psalm 37:5)