Thursday, November 12, 2009

One of Them

So im getting rid of some papers and i come across my "list" you know what im talking about. the list that almost every girl has made! yep you guessed it...the future boyfriend or husband wants and dont want list.

i felt like such a lil girl reading it. it was written about a year ago when i was going to Grace and was involved in a super sweet girls bible study. we all made them and then talked about a few things on the list. and Tami(the leader) read us hers. it was a cool experience. but as im reading it i realized what a dork i am lol for example...must like Star Trek haha yeah that was on the list.

but as i was reading it..i was reminded of how amazing my God is. I am his daughter. i dont have to settle, for any godly man, but i get His best. Which is amazing, cuz Gods best is well the BEST.

Also the need to be patient. as a girl i hate waiting :) but more and more as i fall in love with Jesus I see that i lack nothing and only in him am i complete. its such a great feeling. And on wednesday i got to minister to 2 girls that are just so in love with Jesus too. who are struggling in the waiting department(their in high school) and i just got to encourage them and share some things that some people dont know. I got to share with them my passion for girls to truly rely on God to write their love story and the importance of purity. it was a blessing. and then tonight God ministers to my own heart the same thing. :)

I have such an amazing Daddy. (psalm 27:10) He has always and will always take me in

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