Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trusting in my faithful Father and Savior

God has a funny way of bringing what he has been showing me up over and over again.

For example....being Faithful. I have always thought of myself as a faithful person. i do what i need to do. i serve in ministry and am never late ;) but where i lacked faithfulness was in my follow through of what God wanted. Im like Jonah at times where id rather run then do....

school, work, church, family, friends, etc. i try and handle everything but in the end i get tried and lazy. when that happens i don't wanna do a thing. so everything suffers. i made commitments to each of these areas so i have to be faithful to them. Then God brings up a great point, everything i make commitments to have all been MY choice but where in the midst of decisions did i ask what HE wanted? so i did and with me asking i said that i would be faithful in whatever happens...

God showed me that school was not where he wanted me. my desire has always been to be a stay at home mom and wife(whenever that day comes), even in my reasons for school, it had nothing to do with me but how it would work if i had to work and have kids. this was hard for me because everyone has always have to go to college! you have to have a fall back! what if? whats if? then someone super smart and amazing said what if? those things happened, does that change Gods provision? it was the smartest and most convicting thing i had heard. God was giving me a chance to trust him.( i was kinda freakin out tho) lol

Then God reminded me of his faithfulness. He has never let me down, never led me down the wrong path,and has always provided. He was asking me to trust that he would continue doing what hes always done. so i acted and waited to see what would happen lol

so i did it. i jumped an was waiting to see where i would land. you know how people say when a door closes another opens. well it did! 2009 High School Summer camp came and God showed me the blessing i was missing out on. ministry and serving is where he wanted me the whole time.i had the desire to be used more but now what? i wasnt sure where to go or what to do about it. i just knew i wanted to be used. then doors began to open for me to be more involved and to be used even more.HE GIVES AND TAKES AWAY. so far the choice to trust him has been a blessing and it just keeps coming. i get people who think im making a bad choice, or am just being lazy, or whatever. but for the first time in my life i am not doing what "feels" right or what they want but im trusting in the Lord and his plan. ITS STINKIN COOL. yeah im still at a part time job and have bills that my grandpa is helping pay but God is faithful and keeps reminding me of his faithfulness. Im sitting back and watching what he does!

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